You want to move in or move to an apartment or a bigger house?

Sometimes the course of our lives means that our living space needs changes and the expansion of our family or some family changes mean that we had to find alternative accommodation. Here are some tips on renting houses:

– Preparing your application: The owner or the management will consider your application must ensure that you pay your rent well on schedule and without risk of debtors. To do this, explain your income by a payslip last 3 months or a deposit of your parents for youth, helps calm the owner. A copy of your policy ID and that liability insurance will provide the owner because it is your insurance that will cover some of the damage in case of a warranty depredations.

– Rental guarantee: You can choose 2 solutions for your rental deposit. The first being an amount equivalent to three months’ rent on a block account with a bank. This is the solution most still used today but involves blocking a significant amount. We move when for the first time, it is useful to have capital to buy furniture for example. For this, there is the solution of insurance coverage as proposed or FirstCaution SwissCaution. You pay a small amount each year for your insurance surety for you from the owner.

– Inventory: It is important to think before you move into your new home all the damage you will not be signed before you move your responsibility. Take time to shop around the owner and meet all the flaws you might find. Record them on a document and document with pictures that you will sign on the owner’s representative and the former tenant in the case of a sublease.

You are the owner of a property return?

You invested in stone and you want your performance you can achieve maximum profitability. For this, it is important to hire the right price and to make the most towards your future tenants.

Our agency is responsible for making your object management contract, find a tenant for the best price and track operating expenses. We work with artisans who practice attractive prices thereby increasing the profitability of your object. Ask us for advice!