Notarial acts

Notarial acts are official documents made ​​in a notary. When you purchase a property, the notary will conduct a “minute” to enable the purchaser and seller mutually agreed to ratify the contract notifying points. The act can be established as an offer to purchase or a bill of sale.

The choice of lawyer is usually the responsibility of the purchaser that will announce the notary of their choice. If the purchaser does not have a notary trust in the canton of purchase, our agency can offer a notary trust we work with regularly. Rates notaries are defined in the Law on Notarial you can find on the website of the state of Valais at:

When we realize a real estate development, we realize before performing the deeds of sale, a deed of incorporation of the building floor (PPE) and Regulation of PEP that will define the purpose of operating joint owners.

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